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Empathy is feeling *with* others

The central reason why I wanted to create was to create more empathy in the world through inspiring stories from real people which share what a particular set of experiences is or was like.
Today, I came across this video while reading the comments section on my favorite blog.
It is the most awesome explanation I’ve ever come across of what empathy truly is.
As human beings, we all have our share of challenges to be dealing with, whether we’re transparent or opaque about our respective situations.
If we could get ourselves outside of our shells long enough to sense and come in contact with what others are also feeling, we could thereby dramatically bolster the quality of our lives, as well as others’.
Technology currently offers a lot a promises to take humanity to a higher place. But materialism is still way too prevalent.
Unless we can break down the barriers between one human to another, we’ll be leaving on the table many opportunities to feel truly alive.