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Take These Steps to Avoid Leadership Frustration When Communicating

Imagine an executive named John. He just finished giving his most polished presentation to the team. He’s convinced he nailed it. How could he not? Just look at the way he drove every point home, one after another – bam! Days go by and nothing’s happening. Those days turn to weeks and the results are still underwhelming. John has exhausted every option at his disposal. Despite his know-how and experience, it seems he can’t get through. He feels his leadership slipping away. Frustration is creeping in. Why? Leadership comes with a mindset. Those who excel at it are insatiably curious. They possess a multifaceted perspective about what they’re working toward. They’re generally enthusiastic about attaining their goal. They tend to understand complex systems and interconnectedness and can anticipate oncoming ripple effects long before the rest of us.  However, the roadblock John encountered is he failed to appreciate just how different everyone else’s mindset was.   By not having  reached

My Writing Portfolio

First are two of the series of articles I have written for The Mason Contractors Association of America in 2004 about some advancements I had been responsible for in the field of restorative masonry: Repointing: How to Properly Restore Old Buildings Tuckpointing: How to Achieve a Good Color Match Second is an article I wrote in more recent times for Bitcoin Magazine. It is titled, “ How You Can Better Explain Bitcoin to Newcomers ”. Third is a non-fiction book I wrote titled, “ Taking the Orange Pill ”. Here is an excerpt: “You keep hearing about Bitcoin. You’re pretty sure you know what it is: it’s a digital currency used as a form of payment or a way to store value. And you even grasp that it’s sort of important. You’re open to owning some, but you haven’t yet acquired any.    However, if we are to uncover what is so imperative about owning this emerging asset, we’ll need to delve deeper into Bitcoin’s anatomy. If I do a good job of peeling the onion for you in the following pages,