Monday, September 7, 2020

On creativity vs talent

I don't think of myself as natively artistically talented.

While I strive to make art that touches somebody else, aside from my masonry restoration projects, I'm not holding my breath.

And yet, I persist in making music, writing, and engaging in other creative expression forms.

The reason is it makes me happy. I find creativity to be a healthy outlet.

For some, creativity might be the fact of raising a family, for example. I can see that. Or whatever other manifestation it takes. No matter the form, I wish upon anyone to lose themselves in creative/artistic pursuits to counteract the turbulence that permeates our world.

Here are some of the art forms I indulge in, although I am not a master in most cases. They are the creative outlets that make me happiest.
The brickwork on this house was in a sorry state before I restored it.

This softcover is my first fiction novel.

I've designed and partly built a guitar. And I would say it is my best one in terms of playability and (arguably) tone out of a collection of 15 specimens -- most of them high-quality units from Gibson, Fender, Martin, Warwick, and Jackson.

The rest of the pictures show my recording studio, where I am currently writing, recording, mixing, and eventually mastering an upcoming music album.

Even though my art won't realistically be the best of its kind in most of these endeavors, it is gradually getting better and better, and it is fostering an inner sense of well-being for me. And that ultimately is why I do it.

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