Sunday, October 8, 2017

Marching on once again....

Another season of masonry work has passed yet again, leaving me free to pursue “higher” interests during the course of the winter.
Looking back at the last seven years, I’m nowhere near as far along as I had hoped I’d be at now. But by what measure?
Everyone’s journey is different.
I may materially not be better off, but by not giving up the pursuit, I have continuously been adding to my inventory of what Reid Hoffman calls “soft assets”, and in a not-entirely-subjective way, I find the build up to date to be of substance.
I went on a weird digression of sort last year by starting to write a science fiction novel out of the blue. I couldn’t help it in fact: the book started writing itself. Although I’d love to “get back to the prose” and get it finished, I recently snapped back into action mode relating to my goal of metamorphosing into a technologist by profession.
The opportunity I currently see is cryptocurrencies — more specifically, ICO’s, or perhaps, more aptly named, token generation events. That’s what I’ve decided to be working on in the weeks and months to come.

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