Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shouting into the abyss that is the internet in 2015

Let’s face it, the current noise level online is fast approaching the insanity threshold.
Imagine a stadium in which everyone has a microphone and is speaking at the same time?
Well, the internet is many orders of magnitude worse than that, I would say.
Short of a viral hack or streak of luck, unless your social status is already into the stratosphere, posting something online and hoping that it’ll be read widely is misguided, if not delusional.
It begs the question, why keep a blog if virtually no one is going to be reading it anyhow?
Personally, one very simple reason is that I write predominantly for myself: it is a widely known fact that committing your thoughts to writing gives you clarity.
It is also yet another creativity outlet for me. I thrive on creativity.
It is also liberating in a way, knowing that what you say could potentially be read. And it is bound to be read — just not in the quantity that you’d likely hope for. And there’s always the comfort of knowing that, at the very least, the NSA will be sure to archive your article for their spy program! — (sorry, I couldn’t resist the satire.)
Lastly, if I’d ever get to experience success in a meaningful way, having a running record of the path that led me there would assuredly come handy. “Better be prepared” comes to mind….
Not to mention that it keeps those few readers who somehow seem to care about what I have to say informed about what I’m up to. ;-)
So, that’s why I write into the abyss. Let me know what you think in the flood of comments that is sure to follow. Hmm, guess not … thought so.

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