Saturday, December 19, 2015

Returning to my project after a 12-month hiatus

About a year ago, my site, was in need of being taken into another direction, but before I could get to it, life threw me a curve and I had a serious personal situation to deal with that took priority over everything else.
In terms of how I’ve dealt with it, I rarely get the blues, but I did initially feel some gloominess; then I was angry for a bit, but then I snapped out of it and figured a possible way out of the predicament I was in and chose to remain hopeful.
Lo and behold, I’ve managed to get the situation under control in under a year.
I did gain a whole new perspective on many things in the process.
And throughout the whole experience, I’ve kept learning through reading blogs and the tech press, consuming books, listening to podcasts and aiming at eventually creating a platform of some sort.
I’m not certain that PreAcquaint will ultimately end up being that platform, but it is the best thing I have to work with right now, given the current resources at my disposal; and there is a new direction that I can take it into, which has recently come to view, and which I want to test out.
And so, I’m bracing myself to get going again and to further my aspirations at entrepreneurship in the process.
And no matter how trite the expression “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is, I’m now a firm believer of it.

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