Sunday, April 5, 2015

The people who discount you

A poem I wrote and am dedicating to the uber-creative individuals out there who are sometimes frustrated about continually being ignored.
If you like flavoring, either in your food or in your reading materials, this one is a tad bitter…
The People Who Discount You
You try to engage brilliantly
You write well-crafted essays
You offer thoughtful comments appropriately
You bring forth a product brimming with creativity
You even compose, produce and share your music eagerly
But as you don’t cater to people’s primal interests of sex or money
They will gladly remind you that you are just a nobody.
When one day you nonetheless manage to pull it off successfully
And people gather to kiss your ass, keep a cool head and don’t get infatuated
As these are the same people who have discounted you initially
Value dearly those who have engaged with you early
And don’t yourself discount anybody

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