Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hindsight vs foresight

We’ve all heard that hindsight is 20 / 20.
It’s like being able to look back in the fog — (for some reason it’s always clearer than looking ahead).
However, there’s a skill related to hindsight that’s important, I think.
It’s the ability to interpret and give perspective to what has happened so as to provide enlightenment.
Foresight, obviously, is being able to tell what will happen. It requires insight.
It’s like turning on the fog lights and finally being able to see ahead.
A particular foresight can be shared, thereby providing others the ability to look ahead as well where they themselves lack the skill.
As a case in point of someone possessing both abilities, Fred Wilson has written two back-to-back blog posts this week, which together, exemplify this skill set; the first one constituting a looking back, and the second, a glancing ahead.
Myself, as someone personally obsessed with wanting to find out what various things are like in life, such as “Excuse me Sir, what is it like to…”, or “Excuse me Ma’am, what was it like to …”, I have so far “grammatically” given a lot of focus to the past and present tenses. That’s because I wanted to “dig in” on the concept of empathy.
Moving forward, I’m seriously considering giving it’s fair share of the focus to uncovering what it shall be like to… in various quarters.
When you think of it, foresight is an indispensable skill for repeated success in life, and particularly vital for a CEO, for example.
Having mastery at both is even better.

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