Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Having been placed recently in a situation in which I need to re-organize my life (no details required), I have made a few changes as to my scope of activity.
First of all, my wife and I just went to Sint Maarten for nine days, and for the first five or six of which, I couldn’t think of anything business or startup related, even if I had tried to.
In the last few days of the trip, I started to hatch a plan about how to proceed moving forward.
It feels great to have simplified my life and to have made more room in it to focus on what really matters.
I have let go of several endeavors that were just too peripheral in the grand scheme of things, one of which being the fact that the Toronto Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Meetup Group no longer exists.
And for now, I’m pursuing simply as a passion of mine for creating empathy through inspiring stories from real people. It's something I like to see in the world.
Sometimes we’re simply forced to focus on what really matters; but it can be quite liberating, as a side effect.
Taking the time with my wife to cook real food, as opposed to 'quickly buying something pre-cooked' and then rushing to do a zillion things.

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