Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Passion vs obsession

As part of the online Kauffman Fellows Academy class I’m currently taking, there was a Google Hangout with Brad Feld today.
I was thinking earlier in the morning about doing a post on the subject of passion; and so the Hangout was timely as Brad discussed the topic during the interview.
He said that, when thinking about doing an investment as a VC, he goes deep first on the technology, and secondly on the entrepreneur. Is he or she obsessed with the product?
He went on to say that passion is for the bedroom, meaning it is not an adequate term for assessing a founder’s qualifications.
The man's making a powerful point: that's an amazing differentiator  when you think about it. Many people use these words interchangeably; however, it makes complete sense that, as an entrepreneur, being obsessed over own's own product would indicate commitment and "fundability" -- as opposed to mere passion.
For me personally, though, passion is important too. Without passion for an idea / product/ business, how can I obsess over it?
Semantically speaking, I’d assert that “passion for a thing” is simply a different definition of that word than “passion in the bedroom”.
The same thing could be said about obsession. The definition of “obsess” in “Obsessing over how to make a business succeed”, does not imply a mental health issue; whereas “Obsessing over his married neighbour to the point of incessantly stalking her” does.
Definitions matter, just like commas:
“Let’s eat, Gramma” vs “Let’s eat Gramma”.

 Alright, enough of that :-)

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