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Proficiency will likely become one's biggest asset in the future

 Some people have never liked school. I’m going to guess they often are of the rebellious type. It reminds me of the 1975 Pink Floyd song, Welcome to the Machine: “You bought a guitar to punish your ma And you didn’t like school and you know you’re nobody’s fool” I am of that archetype. Definitely I wasn't fond of school. I’ve bought plenty of guitars — 23 to be exact. Some are long gone. I currently own 14. I was definitely going “against the grain” in many ways. But I was a fool, as I’ve ended up working just as hard being an autodidact as if I had gone through college — no shortcut whatsoever there. I’ve been pondering for some time now as to where we’re heading as a society. It’s all moving so fast now. Not long ago it seemed, a school dropout like myself, if they were lucky enough or sufficiently resourceful, could inch themselves up from mid-middle class status to the upper-middle class (or even higher) by turning their trade into a business — that ma