Sunday, February 24, 2013 has been launched some months back in closed beta with the slogan “Sharing ideas and experience moves humanity forward.
It is understandable that is it getting media attention, being that it’s another project by Ev Williams.
It has a beautiful design.
Good money must have been spent to get the domain name.
Whereas I launched this current iteration of a year ago (February 27, 2012), and have gone virtually unnoticed. And the design suffers, as I’m bootstrapping.
But the fact remains that we publish real-life stories that share what something is like and create empathy. So it is, at least in some ways, along similar lines as to what is doing.
This is the second time than one of my ideas gets implemented by big players before I can muster traction.
Nearly three years ago, I launched the first iteration of the site (it is still up at It’s a social network aimed to meet new friends, and it distinguishes between acquaintances and friends and treats each respective group differently. Google + subsequently came up with circles, one of them being ‘acquaintances’. [To this day my wife firmly believes they took it from my site ☺]
I don’t think so, but it shows that I haven’t been alone thinking along these given tracks.
I’m slow to ramp up, but it’s interesting that my ideas at least seem to be “in the ballpark”.

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