Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A user takes the words out of my mouth and does a fine job of describing

A new user, and by all evidence has posted the following statement about us today on Facebook, when she was publishing a link about a story on our site:
This article was written by a man, who has created a website called Preacquaint. The website has articles by and about people in various countries, and on a wide range of topics. I appreciate that he seems to have a sincere interest in creating more communication by and about regular people throughout the world. Most of the articles have interesting photos. Casual communication across cultures can help us to care more and fear less. I will post a petition related to HIS article below.”
I’ve used her words to describe what our activities are, as frankly I coudn’t have said it better myself.
Her summary encapsulates precisely our current sphere of action.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In the First 42 Days...

It’s been 42 days since the first story was published onto the site. We’ve already reached a point where there are numerous stories on the site, and the content has a lot of ‘soul’. I’m truly passionate about stories which tell of unsung heroes; of real individuals who experience struggles and who inspire hope in humankind through their particular stories and through their display of courage. One such story is “What’s it’s Like to Work as a Blood Donor Recruiter”. Another one is “What it’s Like to Face Grief after Losing Your Life Partner”. And then there are the stories which are simply fascinating, such as “What it’s Like to Defuse People’s Revengeful Anger”. What all these real-life accounts deliver is empathy, which is the goal of the site. Interviews are being conducted with real people by my team, and their story told. The site allows for anyone to come along and simply create a user account and post their own story, but no one has done this as of yet. No login is required to simply view the stories.